A charming but inconsistent second set...
Waxahatchee - Cerulean Salt

Alabama native Katie Crutchfield’s debut LP as Waxahatchee, 2012’s ‘American Weekend’, was an intimate and personal affair.

This follow-up finds the former punk, still in her early 20s, further honing her mature grasp on cultured matters, but ultimately comes over as more interested in problems rather than solutions.

Over its 12-track course, ‘Cerulean Salt’ seems initially sparse. Crutchfield’s somewhat naïve vocals boost her forceful, fully-amped guitar strums, engaging the listener while leaving them unimpeded to wander her harmonious expanse.

A track like ‘Dixie Cups And Jars’ perfectly demonstrates Crutchfield’s standard model when it comes to songwriting. But it’s ‘Coast To Coast’ (video below) that stands out, comprising a dazzling summer single.

‘Cerulean Salt’ isn’t boundary breaking, but it possesses qualities enough to leave one charmed, if not consistently captivated.


Words: Matthew French

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