Brilliant Big Dada compilation with space for talents old and new...
Grime 2.0 cover

“Wot do u call it?” Grime 2.0 these days, apparently.

Big Dada has got grime academic Joe Muggs on the case to root out fresh talent from the current scene – finding space for both old-timers (Wiley, Youngstar) and newcomers (TC4, Darq E Freaker).

Gone is the day of the MC – the spotlight has been rotated to glare in the eyes of the producers, who in turn have been able to develop instrumental grime as a genre in its own right.

Sure, some of the tracks cry out for a bar or two to be spat over, but when you hear that hollow synth on Teeza’s ‘Rum And Coke’, you’ll be sold on the grime renaissance.


Words: Felicity Martin

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