Psychedelic revisions that exude class…
The Time And Space Machine - The Way Out Sound From In

Cynics will tell you that the Holy Grail of medieval scientific philosophy, the ability to turn base metals into gold, was a pile of hogwash. Not so.

The evidence is right here, as a modern-day alchemist walks among us, a King Midas for the Digital Age, and that man is Richard Norris, AKA The Time And Space Machine

On ‘The Way Out Sound From In’, Norris takes contemporary pysch-rock staples from bands including Warpaint, The Sufis and Tame Impala, and reforges their work into slow-burning, hypnotic gems.

All nine revisions exude class, but the showstopper is Warpaint’s ‘Disco//Very’, impossibly recast as something even more darkly majestic. Sublime.


Words: Benji Taylor

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