A thrilling second album from a band who demand to be taken seriously...
'Different Creatures'

The second album for any band is a hefty mark to step up to. For bands like Circa Waves, who find themselves firmly within the restrictive walls of indie, there is added pressure in not mimicking their previous selves – or anyone else for that matter. Add a year of waiting in between the release of 2015’s ‘Young Chasers’ and last Friday’s release of ‘Different Creatures’ and you’re sure to witness notorious Second Album Syndrome. However, the Liverpudlian foursome have by far exceeded expectations with their new, more defined, crisper record.

The opening track ‘Wake Up’ showcases new skills musically and lyrically, boasting a previously unseen maturity along with a battle cry of “We’ve returned and you’re going to listen”. While the lyrical themes still revolve strictly around love and loss, there is a twinkle of renewed energy that was somewhat lost on the first album - a new-found belief in the words being sung.

With punchy one liners like “Where do you get off? I hope it’s the next stop” courtesy of the track ‘Goodbye’, you won’t have to look much further than this album for your new Twitter bio. Along with the sharp, confident riffs up for offer throughout the album, slower tracks such as ‘Love’s Run Out’ are reminiscent of early Jamie T days. While this could have been a dangerous move, they’ve managed to pull this off in a way that doesn’t mimic, and only respects.

‘Different Creatures’ is certainly aptly named, as the whole record sheds the skins of four boys messing around with guitars - and welcomes four musicians who demand to be taken seriously. Circa Waves have raised the bar once more.


Words: Laura Copley

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