A special performance...

The term 'supergroup' is bandied about with nary a thought for its true meaning.

However, Atoms For Peace is most definitely a supergroup. With the voice of Thom Yorke and the bass playing of Flea, the collective boast more gold records than the Jamaican sprint team.

But it's their approach, their continual fascination with new sounds which impresses the most. Debut album 'Amok' (Clash review) was released earlier this year, an inspiring, swirling fusion of leftfield electronics, high-life rhythms and probing, penetrating songwriting.

Announcing three shows at London venue the Roundhouse, Atoms For Peace proved to be a stunning live experience. Building on the influences which rippled through their debut album, the collective also included material from Yorke's solo album 'The Eraser' and even his UNKLE collaboration 'Rabbit In Your Headlights'.

A special, special occasion. Clash photographer Richard Gray was on hand to capture the energy of their live show.

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