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The Magic Gang

“Some people straight up say that we sound like The Kooks, which is absolutely fine, but when you get compared to another guitar band that’s been around a few years before that’s when you get pigeonholed into being just a typical indie band. We don’t see ourselves that way,” The Magic Gang’s Jack Kaye says referencing the comparisons his band have drawn over the past couple of years. “It’s unavoidable that we’ve got a 90s sound but it’s nice when people recognize that we’re basing our songwriting on 60s bands.”

So what are the rest of the band like? “Angus who plays bass and sings is very calm and very level headed, he’s the most well balanced member of the band - he’s the most normal one. Me and Kris are both a little bit manic and a bit all over the place and then Paeris, has got elusive drummer syndrome, he’s very aloof and away with the fairies,” Jack informs Clash.

The four piece have built up a steady following from a string of high profile support slots with bands such as Wolf Alice and Swim Deep with their swirling guitar riffs and driving bass lines captivating an ever-expanding crowd of fans. “Seeing something like that stands out to you more than plays on the internet, I don’t pay that much attention to Spotify plays, I’m more amazed by seeing our live audience expand,” offers Jack.

The band are also involved with new label YALA Records, co-founded by The Maccabees’ Felix White. They’re the first release on the label which is “a huge compliment” for Jack. “Seeing it develop from the beginning and playing the first night they put on as well, it’s been really cool to see that from the start.”

So does Felix act as a mentor to the band too? “Things now are so different to the way they were when The Maccabees started that sometimes maybe it’s difficult to draw direct comparisons, but he does really well to. Every time I ask him about how it was for them when they started he always gives really great advice and well thought-out answers which is really cool.”

Lastly Jack touches upon the music scene in their current base, Brighton. “The scene there is mainly built around DIY projects, they really do everything themselves and normally have got a bit of a punk element to it, and a lot of the best guitar music is just recorded in bedrooms now anyway. It makes you realise that you don’t necessarily need to start in a studio, you can do it yourself, and I think the Brighton scene is built around that ethos.”

WHERE: Brighton
WHAT: Intelligent indie pop with longing guitar lines and a Beach Boys buoyancy
GET 3 SONGS: ‘How Can I Compete’, ‘No Fun’, ‘Jasmine’

FACT: When he was younger bassist Angus was a contestant on the BBC children’s show Raven.

Words: Shannon Cotton

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