Two additional test pressings hit the web...
Aphex Twin

If Aphex Twin is to be believed, then the producer has completed hundreds of unreleased LPs.

Even a cursory glance at his discography reveals that while this claim may well be subject to a little trimming, there are countless rarities floating around.

1994's unreleased album 'Caustic Window' recently emerged, with a test pressing being snapped up by fans. Placed online, it seemed to remind everyone just how potent Richard D. James was back in the mid 90s.

Now two further test pressings have been listed on Discogs. One is an unplayed copy of 'Melodies From Mars' which - if the sales spiel is to be believed - was sourced 'straight from Rephlex HQ'.'Melodies From Mars' was scheduled to be released back in 1999, but never got further than a few cassettes handed out to friends.

A pressing of 'Analogue Bubblebath 5' has also been listed on Discogs. Recorded in 1995 yet never given an official release, a handful of copies made their way to Rephlex fans in 2005.

Both copies are entirely unplayed - happy bidding!

Here's 'Caustic Window'.

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