'Music Runs Ellie'

Ellie Goulding has shot the new short film 'Music Runs Ellie' in association with Nike+.

The music industry can be a strenuous place. Not content with completing a lengthy British tour, Ellie Goulding recently decided to get herself in training for London’s Music Half Marathon which took place on September 25th.

Mixing live appearances with lengthy workouts, the singer took her fitness routine across the UK and beyond. Performing live in the United States, Ellie Goulding refused to give up on her preparations for the Music Half Marathon.

Teaming up with Nike+ the singer allowed fans to follow her every step of the way. Posting real time details, fans were able to give Ellie Goulding messages of support which offered encouragement in the approach to the race.

An unusual pre-gig ritual, Ellie Goulding was caught on camera during the sometimes gruelling preparations. Nike+ have gathered the footage into a short film, demonstrating the singer's determination to succeed.

"It's fantastic to be able to combine two things that I am so passionate about with such a cool brand" she said. "Being able to run while on a busy touring schedule is difficult but it is something I make a priority and I think this film will show how I manage to combine the two.”

Watch the short film 'Music Runs Ellie' HERE.

Meanwhile, Ellie Goulding has also constructed a new mix to help fans through their own workout. Alex Metric was on hand to piece together the mix, with 'Run Into The Light' designed to sync in with the rhythm of a work out.

'Run Into The Light' is available on iTunes now.

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