Dee Dee plays a white witch...
Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls have shared the video for 'Lord Knows' - featuring singer Dee Dee as a white witch.

Fresh from releasing an emotional studio album, Dum Dum Girls are refusing to take time off. Spending time on tour, the band recently went back into the studio to complete a new quick-fire EP. Titled 'End of Daze', the EP is out now. To coincide, Dum Dum Girls have shot a striking clip for 'Lord Knows'.

Directed by Christin Turner, the video features singer Dee Dee as a white witch. Featuring plenty of love fuelled magic, the dark, Gothic atmosphere matches the band's Jesus & Mary Chain inspired sound.

Watch 'Lord Knows' below.

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'End of Daze' is out now.


1. Mine Tonight

2. I Got Nothing

3. Trees and Flowers

4. Lord Knows

5. Season in Hell

Photo Credit: Faith Silva


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