Will it be rain or shine?

V Festival is set to return this weekend, and the latest weather reports are decidedly mixed.

Spread across two sites, V Festival may be commercial but it continually draws in the crowds during what is a testing time for the humble British festival.

Returning this summer, V Festival opens on Saturday (August 18th) and continues across the weekend. Fans are preparing for the event, with the latest weather reports suggesting that conditions should be mixed.

According to the Weather Outlook, the site at Chelmsford should remain dry throughout the weekend. Rain early this week may make conditions soft, but temperatures at this leg of V Festival should remain around 27 degrees Celsius during the day.

There may be a slight chill from the wind, but it seems that fans at Chelmsford will be enjoying plenty of sunshine.

Meanwhile, the Staffordshire site will have slightly different conditions. Weather throughout the week promises to be mixed - stormy, meaning that the ground at the festival could be quite soft on arrival.

Mixed conditions mean that fans at Staffordshire will no doubt have to open their umbrellas at some point. Sunday (August 19th) is expected to be the worst day, with heavy showers expected during the afternoon.

That said, temperatures should remain consistently above average. Sitting around 23 degrees Celsius, when the sun does break out the Staffordshire site should bask in summer weather.

V Festival runs between August 18th - 19th.

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