Clip My Wings

Peter Cooper rarely gives interviews.

The producer was initially a member of Bristol group Swarms, who sat at the rather more soulful, ethereal end of the post-dubstep spectrum.

Focussing on his own work, Cooper began using the name Stumbleine. Sneaking out his debut album back in 2012, the fusion of skeletal electronics and shoegaze splendour that was 'Spiderwebbed' became a cult favourite.

Since then, the producer has hooked up with Welsh vocalist Violet Skies. It's an intriguing mixture, with Stumbleine feeling confident enough to move into rather more linear, pop (in the loosest sense) territory.

"Shoegaze had a big impact on me – Kevin Shields is one of my favourite producers" Cooper mused recently. "I’m also really inspired by Phil Spector, I love his dedication to finding the ‘perfect’ pop track."

With a full length album due later this year, Stumbleine x Violet Skies have gathered a preview on new EP 'Chasing Honeybees'.

Due for release on February 10th via Monotreme Records, Clash is able to bring you an exclusive preview. 'Clip My Wings' is a fascinating, enthralling piece of music, with those rhythmic clicks and snares hinting at Peter Cooper's electronic past.

Yet the production swirls into a shoegaze mist, with Violet Skies' vocal beaming through like a lighthouse through thick sea fog.

Listen to it now.

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