Hospital Blues
Harry George Johns

Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold.

“Over the course of one single week in December 2011, I lost my girl, my house, my job and pretty much my mind. I was sat in The Well in Leeds with a bag of clothes and my skateboard trying to figure out not what went wrong, but simply where I was going to sleep that night" testifies Harry George Johns.

"Drinking and drugs and all that stuff had taken over during the run-up to me losing everything. I knew I had to finally go talk to the doctors and therapists people had spent months urging me to see."

"If there was anything that was going to help me pull through what looked to be the most heartbroken, poorest new year so far it was a handful of friends that let me sleep on their sofas, eat their toast and play their guitars" he continues.

"It was my time spent with hometown-friend Matthew Wright in his humble home studio that we created ‘Post-Breakdown Blues’. This record is just some of the soundtrack to my breakdown, my loneliness, introspection and just trying to get fixed.”

There's not a lot to say beyond that. Harry George Johns previously worked with Dinosaur Pile Up whose feral, fetid take on post-hardcore made them cult heroes. 'Post-Breakdown Blues' is a departure, but anyone familiar with Johns' previous work will no doubt see a common thread. Honesty. Humanity. A directness that is difficult to avoid.

Here's 'Hospital Blues'.

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