'Beam Me Up'
'Beam Me Up'

Darlia's Nathan Day uses music as a means of expressing himself, of unearthing emotions, and lingering distress.

It's a cathartic experience, one that comes out in their intense live shows, shows that almost literally refuse to let go of the imagination.

New cut 'Beam Me Up' is a direct example of this, with Nathan conjuring something remarkably personal.

"It amazes me how brutally open you can be in songs and not even wince when it gets put out into the world. It’s like walking around with a sign on your head telling everyone what you’re secretly thinking but never actually saying the words in conversation." 

"Soon, you're gonna hear ‘Beam Me Up’. I wrote this song because I can’t afford a therapist. I’m lucky that writing songs is a legitimate coping mechanism cos I don’t know what the fuck I’d do if I couldn’t get it out. It deffo can’t stay in here though. (I’m pointing to my brain) I wrote it on piano, during a debilitating battle with my body and mind - felt like they were both failing me and literally falling apart before my eyes and I couldn’t afford the £ to fix myself. Like a ‘broken doll’. That’ll make more sense later."

"I think no one wants to talk about how they feel cos they’re scared people will judge them. Sadly, that’s part of the fucking problem. I’m scared too, but this is what that songs about - so fuck it".

Tune in now.

Catch Darlia at The Great Escape this weekend - tickets.

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