Marin matches digital production to soulful humanity, underground culture to pop suss.

The London newcomer caught attention with a Zomby bootleg, re-tooling the producer's work with her own words, her own direction.

New EP 'Only Echoes' is a superb leap forward, matching impeccable production to a voice that carries the full weight of emotion.

"The whole EP is about mental health," she explains. "All four tracks are deeply personal: the highs, the lowest lows - it's a bit dark in places but there are probably a lot of people who can relate. I had to take some time out for my own wellbeing after the first single but it's been amazing to be able to write about my experiences and finally share them."

Clash is able to premiere new cut 'Elixir', and it's a fantastically poised piece of music, an emphatic document from a talent coming into her own.

The dubby effects cast a mist across Marin's delivery, making each note more powerful. Tune in now.

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