In Association With Cheap Monday...

Honesty sits at the heart of Oleka's music.

Honesty with each other, for one, producing an equanimity in the South London four-piece that allows influences, sounds to mingle freely.

And honesty in the lyrical approach - something that tackles emotions in a stark, visceral, but never maudlin manner.

The band host a series of one off live shows called Drift City, gathering live minds and accomplices from South London in the process.

New single 'Just Not Here' is one of their finest cuts yet, a work of sparking promise and remarkable potential.

Soulful electronics mingle with R&B textures, with that powerful, almost gospel-influenced vocal cutting through the fog of digitalism.

Moody yet empowered by a deeply physical drive, you can check out 'Just Not Here' below.

Brought to you in association with Cheap Monday. Check out their latest offerings over on their website now.

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