Washington Irving

Folk is a much maligned genre.

For a start, it's not really one genre, but rather a multiplicity of styles. After all, a single, solitary gaze at the songbook of traditional music will reveal a huge volume of topics, of approaches, which vary hugely from region to region.

Washington Irving grew up in Oban, an area of Scotland where the traditional still looms large. Rather than reach for the tartin biscuit tin - the cliched approach - the band quickly realised that beneath those gorgeous melodies lay some dark, visceral, powerful songwriting.

Fusing their love of folk music with a wide, careering record collection, what emerges is rough, tough and blood thirsty. Recently taken on tour with Frightened Rabbit, the band seemed to have a bottomless well of material, a chapbook built on the striking, remote countryside which birthed them.

Gathered into one place, Washington Irving's two part debut album 'Palomides: Volumes I & II' is set to gain a nationwide release on November 4th. As a preview, the band will be giving away the title cut 'Phalomides' as a free download early next week.

It's stirring stuff. Those folk textures are in place, with the rhythmic kick and flair recalling a ceilidh or two during their youth, but these elements are matched to soaring, searing guitars and vocals which have more in common with Husker Du than The Corries.

Listen to it now.

'Palomides: Volumes I & II' is set to be released on November 4th. Catch Washington Irving at the following shows:

14 London (Free Show) Old Blue Last
16 Middlesbrough Westgarth Social Club
17 Sheffield Greystones

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