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The Horrors

The Horrors are set to release a box set of remixes, with 'Higher' set to emerge on December 3rd.

The Horrors have always been open to experimentation. The group released their new album 'Skying' last year, and swapped motorik rhythms for swathes of shoegaze guitars and a sense of the epic borrowed from the chord book of Simple Minds.

Now the band are set to gather together some of the remixes associated with 'Skying'. Available digitally from December, new box set 'Higher' finds the likes of Andrew Weatherall, Connan Mockasin and more re-working the group's material.

"We were driving through the deserts of California when we hatched the plan to release a boxed set of the singles from Skying, unaware that it would balloon into the monster that it did" Tom Furse explained. "We started off small, just one version per single. However, through chance encounters and wanting to involve more people whose music excited us, the box soon grew into an impressive collection of sonic tapestries and hypnotic grooves and it became apparent that this was no longer about the singles".

"It was now about this new music which had used the different elements of Skying as a springboard to other ideas. We encouraged everyone involved to be as obtuse as possible, to get as far away from the original source material as they could. The results are stunning, and I think it's just a shame we couldn't have done more.”

The box set is set to contain remixes from Connan Mockasin, Seahawks, Andrew Weatherall, Blanck Mass, Peaking Lights, Cherrystones, Chris Watson, Daniel Avery, JTC and Andy Blake. Asked about his contribution, Andrew Weatherall said: “One of the pleasures of remixing is seeing how other people construct their music. Re-arranging the bricks in The Horrors wall of sound was a particular joy.”

'Higher' will be available digitally from December 3rd, with a physical release following in March.


12" Vinyl One
A1. Still Life
A2. Still Life (Connan Mockasin Remix)
B1. Still Life (Still Living Still Giving Cherrystones Remix)
B2. Dive In (The Pressure Ridges) - Chris Watson Remix

12" Vinyl Two 
A1. I Can See Through You
A2. Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)
B1. I Can See Through You (Blanck Mass Remix)

12" Vinyl Three
A1. Changing The Rain
A2. You Said (Peaking Lights Dub U Mix)
B1. Comes In Waves (Seahawks Skying Suite)

12" Vinyl Four
A1. Moving Further Away (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
B1. Moving Further Away (Andy Blake World Unknown Mix)

CD One
1. I Can See Through You (Blanck Mass Remix)
2. Monica Gems (Daniel Avery Remix)
3. Still Life (Connan Mockasin Remix)
4. You Said (Peaking Lights Dub U Mix)
5. Still Life (Still Living Still Giving Cherrystones Remix)
6. Moving Further Away (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

CD Two 
1. Comes In Waves (Seahawks Skying Suite) 
2. Moving Further Away (Andy Blake World Unknown Mix) 
3. Dive In (The Pressure Ridges)
4. You Said (JTC Remix)
5. Wild Eyed (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
6. Moving Into Blue (Seahawks Skying Suite)

Still Life Video (Directed by Oliver Murray)
I Can See Through You (Directed by White Rabbit)
Changing The Rain (Directed by Pete Fowler)


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