'Bax' gets the Dancehall treatment
Pum Pum Bax

The Heatwave have stepped in to re-work Mosca's 'Bax' - stream the results below.

Essentially a speed garage pastiche, 'Bax' has kickstarted many a rave since Mosca first began introducing it into his set. Jet propelled rhythms and a contagious keyboard riff, the track has been re-worked numerous times with most producers focussing on those house textures and Garage beats.

Now The Heatwave have stepped into the fray. The redoubtable duo have earned a reputation for re-casting dancefloor bangers into a Dancehall flavour, and their remix of 'Bax' is no exception. Retaining Mosca's essential framework, the duo add that trademark Heatwave signature.

Roping in a few famous friend, this new version - titled 'Pum Pum Bax' - features guest vocals from x-rated vocals from Busy Signal, Natalie Storm and Tommy Lee.

Listen to it below.

- - -

So what do you think? Can it beat this Katy B enhanced effort?


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