'Cristina' due on January 14th

Rising London three piece Teleman are set to release new single 'Cristina' on January 14th.

The debut single is a pivotal event in any young band's career. The moment when rehearsals end and the show begins, the debut single is both a full stop and the beginning of a new sentence.

A rising London three piece, Teleman recently hooked up with Moshi Moshi. The latest instalment of the label's Singles Club, 'Cristina' is set to be released on limited edition seven inch vinyl and digital download.

Indie songcraft with a cheeky glint in its eye, 'Cristina' was produced by legendary Suede guitar slinger Bernard Butler. Sugar sweet melody with biting lyrics, the chorus runs: “Cristina is so good / She makes me go across town / She makes me to lie down / There’s nothing in the way now”.

Listen to 'Cristina' below.

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Teleman are set to release 'Cristina' on January 14th.


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