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Sub Pop

Sub Pop are set to toast their 25th anniversary with a massive free event and a new compilation.

The curious life of Sub Pop...

The label rose from a then unfashionable area of the United States to launch a global phenomenon. Releasing Nirvana's first album, the imprint became a cradle for grunge before enormous success brought a widening roster and dis-illusion.

Then the label got its second wind. The past decade has witnessed Sub Pop scoring renewed critical and commercial success, helping to launch groups such as Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, Iron & Wine and many, many more.

Toasting their 25th anniversary, Sub Pop are set to host a special free entry event on July 13th in their hometown of Seattle. Here's the blurb:

"In honor of our 25th anniversary year, we at Sub Pop Records will be hosting an altogether free event, which we’re calling The Silver Jubilee, to be held July 13, 2013 in Seattle’s historic Georgetown neighborhood. Along and surrounding Airport Way, we are fairly certain there will be some combination of… Actual live bands, playing actual live music! Some sort of art-related something or other! Like, in a gallery space, we’re thinking! A record fair-type event! Food! Beer and wine! (The food and beer and wine and soda or whatever, you will have to pay for! These parts are not free!) Good times and opportunities to embarrass yourself and those who’d always hoped for better for you! Plus, bands!"

Follow the event HERE.

Elsewhere, Sub Pop are preparing a limited edition compilation in time for Record Store Day. Released on April 20th, 'Sub Pop 1000' - a conscious nod to early compilation Sub Pop 1000 - contains contributions from exciting new signings such as Iron Lung, Peaking Lights and Soldier of Fortune.

1. His Electro Blue Voice “Kidult” (Bologna, IT)
2. Chancha Via Circuito “Lacandona” (Buenos Aires, AR)
3. Protomartyr “French Poet” (Detroit, MI)
4. Lori Goldston “Tangled North” (Seattle, WA)
5. Iron Lung “A Victory for Polio” (Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA)

Side B
6. Soldiers of Fortune “Money” (Brooklyn, NY)
7. Peaking Lights “Subterranean Brainblow” (Los Angeles, CA)
8. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat “Radio Eyes” (Baltimore, MD)
9. My Disco “Guided” (Melbourne, AU)
10. Starred “Doomed” (Los Angeles, CA)


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