Berghain club to finish

Scuba is set to bring his influential club night SUB:STANCE to a close in July.

Initially, dubstep was a localised, niche phenomenon. However the sound quickly spread, with techno heads introducing the more sparse, metallic elements into their set.

With that in mind, Scuba's decision to bring dubstep to the Berghain was both brave and completely appropriate. Launching SUB:STANCE in 2008 with assistance from Paul Fowler, the Berlin based night opened with a line up Mala, Shackleton, Appleblim, Distance and T++.

Initially a redoubt for the 'techno dread' sound, SUB:STANCE evolved in tandem with Scuba's own productions. Expanding to encompass a broader bass sound, it has remained at the forefront of developments in the UK and across the globe.

Sadly, after five years Scuba has decided to shutter the project. (via Resident Advisor) Penning a note to clubbers, the English producer teamed up with Paul Fowler to talk about the “wonderful journey” the club had undergone. "One of the things we agreed on when it became clear that the party was going to be a success was that we would quit while we were ahead. It's no exaggeration to say there have been some truly special nights and we never wanted to reach the stage where the vibe faded and lost it's shine. So after five years we have decided that now is the right time to bring SUB:STANCE to and end."

SUB:STANCE will bow out with two parties - one on February 15th, and the final (fifth anniversary) edition in July.


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