To welcome 'Songs In The Key Of Fife'
Songs In The Key Of Fife

Vic Galloway is set to launch his new book 'Songs In The Key Of Fife' at Rough Trade East on August 7th.

Musical hotbeds tend to focus on urban areas, with the likes of London, Berlin or New York standing out as fertile creative conduits. Yet the past decade has seen a remote network of Scottish fishing villages develop their own music scene, finding a national and international audience in the process.

Centred on the Fence Collective - a loose knit collection of songwriters, accordion players and vagabonds - the East Neuk of Fife has produced such talents as KT Tunstall, King Creosote, James Yorkston and many, many more.

Broadcaster Vic Galloway has watched the scene grow and evolve over the past decade, acting as a friend, confidante, collaborator in the process and he's now decided to jot down his observations for posterity. Splendidly titled tome 'Songs In The Key Of Fife' is set to be released later this year, and the Scottish author has decided to host a number of launch events around the country.

On August 7th Rough Trade East is set to host a one off show, featuring Vic Galloway discussing the book and a live performance from Fence lynchpin and all round good egg The Pictish Trail. Full details HERE.

Vic Galloway will also be taking part in the Edinburgh International Book Festival, hosting a special event on August 20th. As if that wasn't enough, the broadcaster plans to return to Fife on September 21st for a launch on Cambo Estate.

Clearly excited at the prospect of seeing the final results of his labour in the flesh, Vic Galloway told Clash:

"I'm delighted to be doing a special one-off event at Rough Trade East in London. It's one of the finest shops in the world and as a customer there on many occasions in the past, I've managed to empty the contents of my bank account into their tills! This is my first book and very close to my heart as I personally know, and in many cases have played in bands with, the central characters".

"I'm promoting the book at various shops and festivals across the land, but I'm pretty sure the Rough Trade show will be fun - it will be utterly unique and unlike the other launch events in Scotland for example. I'll do a brief talk about the book, a couple of readings, a Q&A with the audience and there will also be a short set of LIVE music from the tremendous Johnny Lynch aka The Pictish Trail. I may even have a quick chat to him about Fence Records past, present and future as well. Come along, it'll be ace!"

For his part, The Pictish Trail was delighted at being able to lend some support to the project. "Through his weekly radio show, Vic's been a big supporter of all things Fence and Pictish Trail - so of course I'm happy to take part in his new book launch, and sing a few songs. Looking forward to reading the book, too. I've left Fife for good, now, so it's quite convenient to have all the East Neuk musical goings-on of the past 15 years wrapped up in one paperback tome."

In turn, Vic Galloway will be helping The Pictish Trail at his Edinburgh show on August 24th at the Liquid Rooms.

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