'Now Everybody party Like You Got AIDs'
Taste The Broom

Happy Jawbone Family Band are gearing up for the release of their new album 'Tastes The Broom' - grab a preview below.

DIY isn't some brand new, internet led phenomenon. Sure, the growth of the web has made it a lot easier for musicians to build up their own distribution points but, in reality, this is simply a digital update for a tendency which runs throughout pop culture.

Happy Jawbone Family Band seem to draw on both tendencies. The band use the internet, placing their music online for all to consume - yet the music itself seems to hark back to earlier home taping eras.

Recalling R. Stevie Moore in its whimsical, at times surreal, experimentation, Happy Jawbone Family Band are already responsible for two highly inventive albums.

Working with Mexican Summer, a third instalment is in the works. 'Taste The Broom' is a compilation of sorts, drawing together nine tracks from a series of cassette tapes, LPs and singles from the past five years.

Out on February 18th, ClashMusic have been granted the exclusive stream of opening track 'Now Everybody Rock Like You Got AIDs'. It's rough around the edges, but then that's part of its charm: unkempt, untamed, it's a feral party anthem recorded on yr average boombox.

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'Taste The Broom' is set to be released on February 18th.


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