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Tuff Love

Folk meets grunge - it's not a particularly beguiling mixture.

It's a little like smearing strawberry jam on ready salted crisps, a confusion of tastes which makes the mind boggle and the stomach churn.

Yet that's exactly what Glasgow's Tuff Love have accomplished. Julie Eisenstein Suse Bear started off making folk influenced music in their Glasgow flat, although their ambitions never quite beyond four walls.

Adding Michael ‘Beast’ O’Hara on drums, the three piece veered down a direction marked by the tattered, scattered remains of the grunge movement.

Signing to Scottish label Lost Map Records - run by loveable island-bound rogue The Pictish Trail - Tuff Love have placed new track 'Poncho' online.

Deranged, stuttering alt rock with a heart of gold, Tuff Love can't quite shake off the angelic harmonies which flowed through those early sessions. Folk meets grunge, indeed.

Listen to it now.

Tuff Love have confirmed the following shows:

31 Glasgow Roxy 171

7 Glasgow Broadcast

3 Inverness Brew At The Bog

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