Noisy, unfettered techno music...
The Citizen's Band

Christian Beisswenger is far from a newcomer.

Yet The Citizen's Band is a relatively fresh moniker. Minted in 2012, it finds the producer honing his house instincts, yet supplying something altogether unexpected.

Using Argot-associated imprint Tasteful Nudes label as an outlet, Beisswenger has slowly pushed his new vision out onto dancefloors across North America and Europe.

New EP 'Smalltown Blues' is another ambitious step forwards. Out next week (February 3rd) it's a concise statement from the German producer, who added a rough-neck sensibility to developments in techno.

'Disrupted' rides on a blissful groove, but the melodies above are unkempt, tattered. There's a feeling of chance here, of the human behind the machines which makes the whole package intoxicating.

Listen to it now.

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