A uniquely chilled electronic experience...

Satin Jackets - real name Tim Bernhardt - recently found himself in Norway's Northern climes, exploring some of Scandinavia's most beautiful landscapes.

The experience left its mark on the producer. Heading into the studio, 'Northern Lights' began as an attempt to get those feelings, that trip down on tape.

Working alongside English vocalist David Harks, the results are uniquely chilled, the frosted synth work sitting alongside that breathy vocal.

“After experiencing a world known for its Northern Lights, I wanted to take that concept and run with it, asking myself how we could reflect this phenomena in music," Tim explains. "Despite a busy schedule, I couldn't help but take a day off and go on a trip exploring the country and the depths and beauty of one of the Fjords in the area. It was absolutely breath-taking."

Guest producer Carl Louis - himself from Norway - steps in on remix duties, and gently nudges the track into even more chilled territory.

Blessed with glacial beauty, it's a multi-faceted gem - frozen on top, but with those gentle rhythmic mechanics purring underneath.

Tune in now.

Plus, check out the original below...

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