Painfully honest yet wholly enthralling...
Sarah Walk

Sarah Walk refuses to put up a screen between herself and the audience.

Her music isn't some show, some kind of theatre - rather, it becomes a form of communion, a cathartic experience for both crowd and performer.

The songwriter is astonishingly vivid, drawing on experiences in Sarah Walk's own life that though racked with pain are also shot through with common humanity.

Currently prepping her new album, Sarah Walk is ready to unveil new cut 'Wake Me Up', and it's a visceral, poignant work.

Sarah explains that the song "…shows the sweetness and temptation of something or someone and also that sense of urgency and panic to get out and escape; to feel trapped by someone's influence and power over you."

A tale of addiction that continually looks at the broader meaning of the phrase, there's a plaintive universality to Sarah Walk's work that enables her to stand apart.

Tune in now.

Catch Sarah Walk at the following shows:

3 London The Social

1 London London Fields Brewery
2 Brighton The Hope
9 London Notting Hill Arts Club

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