Meditative, mysterious new producer...
Mas Ysa

It's a much repeated, but increasingly effective trope: retaining your identity is now the same as establishing it.

Mas Ysa is reclusive in the sense that he's not given too many interviews yet, in the sense that he would rather shoot something stylish, beautiful than clear, vivid.

Take the press shot above. The New York producer is half-swathed in sun set, his face turned just far enough from the camera to prevent any clear identification.

Yet it contains everything you need to know. Mas Ysa (real name Thomas Arsenault) makes music which is slow, meditative and fuses that collapsed, fractured R&B sensibility with imposing, bass-led electronics.

New EP 'Worth' will be released on February 3rd, but ahead of this Clash can premiere an unheard track. 'Years' builds patiently, with Arsenault placing his own voice at the fore. Half-hidden in sonic murk and gloom, each note beams through the production like a lighthouse bellowing in the middle of a storm.

Check it out below.

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