Matthew Herbert continues his house resurgence...

The current house boom has resulted in a disappointing uniformity of sound.

Beats have been subsumed into a sort of universal shuffle, a vanilla electronic sound which is successful if a little dispiriting.

So it's heartening, then, that Matthew Herbert has returned to the fray. The legendary producer has been more entwined with operas and conceptual pieces of late, but recently fired up his Herbert moniker for a series of (left field) bangers.

'Part Six' is out now via Accidental, a four piece selection which turns the club space into an avant garde environment all over again.

A handful of cuts have reached the web, with Clash able to premiere 'Grab The Bottle'. It's a raucous return, with the percussive clicks bordering on metallica.

Saturated in belching bass, Herbert then lines in some distorted, horrifyingly contagious vocal samples which seem to squirm out of the speakers.

An unsettling yet itchy groove, you can check out 'Grab The Bottle' below.

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