From new album 'Bonjour'...
Francis MacDonald x Harry Pye

Francis MacDonald and Harry Pye come from two different disciplines, two distinct areas of the arts.

One is the drummer in Teenage Fanclub, as well as a noted solo artist. The other is a visual artist, the editor of The Rebel art webzine.

Harry Pye struck up a friendship with the musician, and began sending him song lyrics through the post.

Francis MacDonald began constructing music around this, and their universes began to overlap in a curious fashion.

New album 'Bonjour' is the result - punkish vignettes, fusing spoken word with classic pop, easy listening and more.

Clash is able to premiere new track 'I Feel Like A Record That's Scratched' and it's an off piste piece of oddball pop.

Harry Pye: "Well, I think most people I know feel like they are damaged goods at least some of the time. On my Dad's copy of The Beatles' 'Sgt Pepper...' there's a scratch on 'With A Little Help From My Friends'. It's the bit where Ringo sings: I just need someone to love.”

Francis Macdonald: "I wanted a circular feeling with a relentless rhythm and a repetitive guitar riff – so the music feels a little stuck along with the words."

Check it out now.

'Bonjour' will be released in June.

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