A new duo, featuring Jim Wallis (My Sad Captains) and Ollie Murray...
Blurred Moon

For those lucky enough to catch them, My Sad Captains are something a little special.

The songwriting has an emotive edge - often nakedly so - but comes wrapped in dream-like tapestries of sound, that casually swept you up in their fervour.

Now, one-time Sad Captain member Jim Wallis has teamed up with close friend Ollie Murray to form Blurred Moon.

The pair launch their adventure with 'Far', a song whose hushed intensity recalls Elliott Smith while also continually looking outwards.

Jim explains: "I wrote 'Far' as I was coming to the end of my twenties and, generally speaking, it's about coming to terms with the idea of being an adult. The song came together quickly and, sonically, I think it's a good introduction to what Ollie and I have been working on."

Check it out now.

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