Taken from new album 'Suck The Light Out'...
Bastards Of Fate

Bastards Of Fate are a meta tag nightmare.

Imagine being the poor schmuck at a streaming service who has to catalogue their music: it’s impossible to tell what genre this is, let alone who they sound similar too.

But then, that’s the beauty of Bastards Of Fate. The band have tread their own path for some time now, an art-rock collective who aim to disrupt, to question, and to have a good time doing it.

New album ‘Suck The Light Out’ arrives on February 24th, and it’s yet another about-turn from a group who specialise in handbrake turns.

Bastards Of Fate have shot a video for new cut ‘Super Collider’, and it’s another brilliantly odd, confounding, and addictive statement from one of the finest voices in the American underground.

Take five and tune in.

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