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Working his way through the scene over the past decade, Subb-an - or Ashique Subbhan to his friends - has already garnered huge hype thanks to his bass laden, deep house sound.

Rooted in UK dance culture, the producer continually cherry picks the best in whatever crosses his path - and as those travels increase, his sound has only broadened.

Recently engaged with a string of edits, Subb-an has also been able to take his sound across Europe. Set to demolish the summer season, the producer has been booked to perform at Garden Festival and Hideout (both Croatia) before making a visit to Germany's spectacular Melt Festival.

And I.D's 'Erotica' was a massive sound during the summer of 2010, and has remained an endearing spin for DJs across the land whenever the sun decides to show itself.

Subb-an has stepped in to re-work the track, lending a sense of bass weight, a mean and dirty percussion which wasn't there in the original.

Overhauling 'Erotica' for the 2014 season, this will no doubt become the producer's calling card as the summer progresses.

Check it out below.


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