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Ali Love

Ali Love gets around.

A high profile collaborator, the English vocalist has worked with both The Chemical Brothers and Justice, not to mention his work with Hot Natured and Infinity Ink.

Focussing once more on his solo career, new album 'P.U.M.P.' drops later this year. Lead single 'Deep Into The Night' has already made an impression, with Ali Love's slick but soulful vocal riding atop effortless house infused production.

Hercules & Love Affair's own Andy Butler has stepped in on remix duties, and it's a gem. All shuffling percussion and woozy vocals, it's a euphoric, hypnotic re-work which ripples and bristles with real abandon.

Check it out now.

Here's a quick Q&A with Ali Love...

As someone who’s known as more of a producer than a DJ, how do you feel when someone reinterprets your own work? Is it easy to let go of your own creation and let someone else put their spin on it?
I’m totally cool with remixes and things like that. The whole Infinity Ink x Flo Rida thing was really funny for me. It’s hard to take seriously. But having said that, I’m pretty much happy for anyone to sample my music and take it further. I like sampling myself and think it’s a healthy tool.

You’ve said that you didn’t set out to create an album initially, with the whole LP coming together over a long period of time. When and why did you choose to create an album out of the material rather than release it as singles or EPs over time?
I guess in a sense without knowing it I’ve been making this album for a while, almost unconsciously. The tracks I selected for the LP all came from the same kind of late night place. Damian (Lazarus) and I had been talking about making an album for some time and it felt natural to do it this way.

I decided to do it this way as I feel it tells a story and a journey to listen to from beginning to end. I know people have a short attention span these days but I would say give it a go with this and it will be a rewarding experience.

The album includes the track 'Ride On' featuring vocals from Kenny Glasgow (Art Department). How did that collaboration come about?
The amazing thing about this tune is, Kenny and I made that tune the moment we met. Art Department were doing one of their first gigs in London and they stayed at Jamie Jones’ house. We all went into the studio there super lean and had this tune on repeat for 24 hours just grooving and it came to us. I later took the parts and finished it off with Mark Ralph.

It was created in a more soul style as apposed to the darker stuff Art Department are known for. We laid our vocals together to make it sound like a real choir, to great effect. It’s great to start a friendship by making a song together.

Tell us about the live show you’re preparing – how’re things going with it? Where can we expect to catch it this summer?
I’ve just started creating the new live show.I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from all the Hot Natured and Infinity Ink shows over the last two years and it's really good to put everything I have learnt into a new show. I’ve been missing playing live bass so I want to incorporate this and start playing with my hands again which you just don't get with DJing and vocals.

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Catch Ali Love this summer at Eastern Electrics (August 2nd).

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