"...two fat old blokes arguing"
Peter Hook

Peter Hook has decided to answer some of the recent criticisms made against him by members of New Order.

The long, sorry tale of New Order's demise has been painful to watch. Currently touring across the globe, the band are estranged from original bass player Peter Hook.

The two parties have exchanged barbed remarks in the press, although the argument has been a little one sided of late. Keeping his silence, Peter Hook recently decided to answer some of the criticisms levelled against him.

Bernard Sumner recently claimed that Peter Hook blamed him for "everything that had ever gone wrong with New Order." Speaking to Billboard, the bass player said simply: "well, there isn't that much that's gone wrong with it, really, is there? There's a lot of what he says that doesn't make sense. I think he's the only guy I've ever met that can actually contradict himself three times in a sentence."

Later, the bass player explained that the root of the argument remains the business side of New Order - and not their decision to tour without him. "What we're arguing about is the business side. It's nothing to do with me trying to stop them (touring). I must admit that I was very shocked at first and angered by the fact that they had [reformed] completely behind my back" he said. "But the thing that I was most angry about was the business deal that they had left behind for me. Without asking me or consulting me, they just said: "Here you are. Here's your cut of New Order going forward." That's what I'm trying to legally remedy."

Always engaging in conversation, Peter Hook perhaps inadvertently summed up the whole affair in one off the cuff remark. "I'm afraid that the world is full of much more important things than two fat old blokes arguing..."

Later, he said: "We're just fucking arguing and the sad thing is, when it comes down to it, we're arguing about money, so that's a ridiculous thing to say. You lot must love it, though. It's a journalist's gift, this argument."

Well, quite.


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