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Paul Weller

Often viewed as a parka clad Godfather of Mod, Paul Weller is - in reality - a far more provocative, challenging artist than many give him credit for.

Take the songwriter's output over the past fifteen years. Continually pushing into new areas, the singer has shifted between folk-rock and post-punk, retaining his political bite along the way.

New compilation 'More Modern Classics' acts as a neat catch up. Containing tracks from the past fifteen years, Paul Weller has also supplied two brand new cuts for the release.

Record Store Day single 'Brand New Toy' made its debut on Radio 2 this morning (April 15th) while Weller has also confirmed plans for two intimate London shows.

Listen to 'Brand New Toy' below - memories of The Kinks?

Penning sleeve notes for 'More Modern Classics', Paul Weller introduces the album thus: "This is just another few chapters of my life’s work, a journey which I would hope you would come with me on…..The music on this compilation is over 15 years but for me it feels like it could be 5 or 6 years. I’m rushing through like, I can’t slow it down. I’ll cling on tight and see where it ends up."

Fans who pre-order 'More Modern Classics' will be able to gain access to an exclusive pre-sale for those upcoming London shows. Details HERE.

'More Modern Classics' will be released on June 2nd. Tracklisting:

Disc 1 /Vol 1 are:
He’s The Keeper / Sweet Pea My Sweet Pea / It’s Written In The Stars / Wishing On A Star / From The Floorboards Up / Come On Let’s Go / Wild Blue Yonder / Have you Made Up Your Mind / Echoes Round The Sun / All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) / Push It Along / 22 Dreams / No Tears To Cry / Wake Up The Nation / Fast Car/Slow Traffic / Starlite / That Dangerous Age / When Your Garden’s Overgrown / The Attic / Flame-Out! / Brand New Toy

Disc 2 /Vol 2: 
A Bullet For Everyone / Who Brings Joy / Dust & Rocks / With Wine And Temperance / Frightened / Don’t Make Promises / One Way Road / Birds / Empty Ring / One Bright Star / Why Walk When You Can Run / Night Lites / The Pebble And The Boy / Roll Along Summer / Trees / Up The Dosage / 7&3 Is The Striker’s Name / Be Happy Children / Green / Paper Chase / The Olde Original

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