Featuring Chad Valley, Night Works and more...

NZCA / LINES has unveiled a series of remixes based on new track 'Airlock'.

Real name Michael Lovett, NZCA / LINES isn't planning on hanging around. Releasing his debut album earlier this year, the producer revealed a nagging, uneasy sense of melancholy alongside his blissfully futuristic take on synth pop.

A remarkable introduction, Michael Lovett is already working on a follow up. Recent single 'Airlock' gives a clue as to what fans can expect - the production is refined, the songwriting has been sharped and NZCA / LINES seems to be confident as to where he wants to take his music.

Now the producer has unveiled a series of remixes based on 'Airlock'. Chad Valley, Night Works, Jonquil and Clive Tanaka have pulled apart the track, piecing it back together in new ways.

Listen to those remixes below.

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NZCA / LINES is set to release his second album on 2013.


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