'Feelin' Good' set for a September release...
Nightmares On Wax

If you can peel your eyes off the page, having opened them to that splash of colour up there, it may interest you to know that there's a new Nightmares On Wax album coming out soon.

The artist otherwise known as George Evelyn (pictured) will release 'Feelin' Good' via Warp on September 16th. A taster of the LP is available now - download the track 'Now Is The Time' from the official NOW website.

Says Evelyn of the new set, the latest in a series of long-players stretching back to the early 1990s: "I come from the city, but sunshine is in my music... It was always a natural dream to make music in the sun, like I do now."

That's, presumably, the sun of Berlin he's referring to, as it's in said German city that 'Feelin' Good' was recorded. Among the guests contributing to proceedings: Californian folk singer Katy Gray and former Zero 7 vocalist Moses. There's even space for a one-time Mercury Prize-winning drummer: M People's Shovel stars on 'Om Sweet H(om)e'.

Evelyn's expanded live show has played a part in the new album's genesis, too. "I've done the full-band thing, and the soundsystem thing," he says. "And now I really want to marry the two, and do so with a real live percussive edge."

You can expect something bright, certainly. Keep them peeled (but at your own risk).

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