"The truth is coming through..."
Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal and Cat Power have recorded a new track together called 'Coming Through'.

Chan Marshall has endured a testing 18 months. The singer has battled ill health and financial difficulty, but a recent string of European festival shows displayed an effervescent incarnation of Cat Power.

Hooking with Willis Earl Beal, the two decided to head into the studio together. Set to appear on upcoming album 'Nobody Knows', new track 'Coming Through' matches a monologue from Beal matched against Chan Marshall's wonderful vocals.

It's a husky, fragile turn from Cat Power - but then, she's always managed to hook hold of our hearts in new and inventive ways. Willis Earl Beal talks broadly of "the truth" but you sense this isn't some real, palpable factual truth but more an exposing of emotion, the unleashing of feeling.

Listen to it below.

Willis Earl Beal is set to release his new album 'Nobody Knows' on September 9th.

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