Bristol newcomers in thrall to classic alt rock...
Velcro Hooks

Velcro Hooks have outlined plans for their next single - listen to new cut 'Tickle Me Sick' on Clash now.

Velcro Hooks boast members from Canada and England, but owe their origins to Guatemala. Confused? Well, allow us to explain...

Jenner Blank retires from a promising tennis career, vowing to take time out in South America. Thomas Mason is working his way across the continent, exploring new cultures as he does so.

Striking up a friendship, Jenner Blank then decides to pay his Mason a visit in England. Heading to Bristol, the two begin work on a new project, which swiftly becomes Velcro Hooks.

In thrall to 90s alt rock, the band's sound has the wit and verse of Pavement, but also the primal howl of Pixies. Debut EP 'Gymnophoria' marked the band out as containing great presence, with their new single only set to enhance the hype.

'Galaxy Police Club' and 'Tickle Me Sick' share two sides of the seven inch release, with Howling Owl stepping in to support the band. 'Tickle Me Sick' is joyously surreal, the sound of a band just coming to grips with their own promise.

Listen to it now.

Velcro Hooks are set to play the following (free entry) shows:

9 Bristol All Hallows Hall
13 London Death2Disco at Notting Hill Arts Club

10 Bristol Start The Bus
11 Reading Oakford Social Club
12 Bournemouth 60 Million Postcards
13 London The Old Blue Last
14 Birmingham Venue tbc

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