An unreleased track from 'Field Of Reeds'
These New Puritans

These New Puritans stopped by Zane Lowe's Radio 1 last night, and decided to perform new song 'And It's Risen'.

One of the most complex, enthralling and rewarding groups in the country, These New Puritans continually challenge themselves to reach greater heights.

New album 'Field Of Reeds' is a wonderful return, with Clash reviewer Sam Walker-Smart opining that the album "has seemingly absorbed its surroundings like an audio sponge. Hard drones, frantic beats and airy strings and horns fill the gaps, eternally capturing the musicians’ locale at the time."

Last night (July 6th) These New Puritans dropped past Zane Lowe's Radio 1 show, and decided to perform a brand new track. 'And It's Risen' was written during the sessions for their new album, but was ultimately left off 'Field Of Reeds'.

Perhaps this is due to a concern for unity, for continuity - it's certainly not quality, as 'And It's Risen' is the sort of art-rock thrill most groups would swap their entire career to write.

Listen to it now.


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