'Honey Pot' appears in demo form...

Thom Yorke played a new track named 'Honey Pot' during a KCRW radio show at the weekend - stream it below.

While Radiohead are very much known as an album band - producing important, large scale works - Thom Yorke's solo career has been rather more fragmented.

Whether popping up for a DJ set at Low End Theory or playing a secret show at Glastonbury, the singer seems to lead his solo career based on whims and moods rather than any wider plan.

Pairing up with Atoms For Peace cohort Nigel Godrich, the pair took charge of a show on KCRW at the weekend. Amongst the pickings was a new track named 'Honey Pot' which Thom Yorke admits that the group are "not sure what to do with".

Apparently beginning as a remix of the 'In Rainbows' track 'All I Need' the song soon took on a life of its own.

Far from finished, you can listen to a radio rip of the track below:

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