As Pledge campaign begins...
Mojo Fury

Mojo Fury are streaming new track 'Iris Influential' as their Pledge campaign gets under way.

Once again, Northern Ireland is in the news for all the wrong reasons. For a country blessed with such magnificent people, it's always a shame that a few incidents spoil the area's reputation.

Especially when its music scene is on the rise. There's a new energy within the Northern Irish music community, an ambition which has been missing for a while now.

Mojo Fury fuse rock with electro beats, and have managed to build up a devoted following. Launching a Pledge campaign for their second album the band wrote:

"I’m sure you’ve heard people saying that the music industry is changing, well, this is it: we are a real band who create real music, and luckily we don’t have a major label wasting thousands of pounds in fancy studios or on flashy videos. We just wanna get the music out there because we believe in it."

Ahead of this, Mojo Fury have placed new track 'Iris Influential' online. A calm, sedate, electronic-heavy track it's a curious return which should whet your appetite before their proposed second album.

Listen to it now.

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