Emotionally bare new cut emerges...
Lykke Li

Lykke Li has always poured her heart into her music.

So when the Scandinavian singer had her heart broken, that feeling, that pain was only going to fuel yet more writing.

New album 'I Never Learn' is due to be released on May 5th, with Lykke Li posting a fresh track online.

'No Rest For The Wicked' is a spare, emotional track, one of the most honest recordings Lykke Li has yet released.

"'No Rest For The Wicked'" is the second song I wrote for 'I Never Learn'. I wrote it in Sweden when I was packing up my shit, and I’d just gotten out of a relationship and it was a horrible time" the singer explained. "I just had the hurt, shame, sadness, guilt, longing. The vocal track, the take, is the demo. In the verse, I’m referring to myself pleading guilty but I’m referring to all of us."

Check out 'No Rest For The Wicked' below.


Lykke Li has also confirmed a full European tour, containing the following UK shows:

London Village Underground
London Village Underground

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