'Wildest Moments' gets re-worked
Jessie Ware

A$AP Rocky has added a verse to Jessie Ware's 'Wildest Moments' - check it out below.

Effortlessly gliding between the underground and the mainstream, Jessie Ware seems able to cherry pick the very best elements of both.

Case in point? This new remix of 'Wildest Moments'. Taken from 'The Gold Edition' of debut album 'Devotion' the new version of the track features former Clash cover star A$AP Rocky.

It's a curious juxtaposition. Speaking to the BBC recently, A$AP Rocky revealed that he was desperate to work with the Brixton artist: "I knew about her since last summer. I'm working with her, I'm going to work with her. I want to bad...I don't care about her being a star, I just think she has a beautiful voice and a lot of talent. I haven't got the chance or honour to meet her yet - I just love her art."

Invited to add an extra verse to 'Wildest Moments', the track hit the web last night.

Stream it below:

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