Latest LuckyMe gift...
Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke has placed new cut ‘Structure’ online – check it out below.

Tis Christmas time, a season for good will and charity...

And it seems that LuckyMe are more charitable than most. The Glasgow/New York/worldwide collective are running an Advent Calendar, showcasing new music on a daily basis.

Attentive readers might well remember a new Rustie cut taking pride of place on the calendar earlier this week, with ‘Terra Star’ blasting Christmas onto a far flung Jupiter moon circa 2525.

Now fellow Warp signee Hudson Mohawke has followed suit. ‘Structure’ is the latest LuckyMe treat, and it’s a future-laden R&B jam with contributions from Shamz Le Roc and BbHollogramz.

Check it out below.

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