Disco fused with atmospheric post-punk leanings...
Hercules & Love Affair x Faris Badwan

Well, we weren't expecting this...

Hercules & Love Affair are renowned as one of the most authoritative voices in house music, with Andy Butler's cavernous record collection containing countless rarities.

But in a new move the group have collaborated with someone far outwith their usual sphere - Faris Badwan of The Horrors.

'Controller' fuses blissed out house with clinical post-punk leanings and even the odd moment of gospel abandon.

“Recently I’ve been aesthetically interested in the raw experimentation of early 80s electronic dance outside the glossier new wave pop music we know from the time,” explains head honcho Andy Butler, “Cabaret Voltaire, lots of noisier older music. It's funny that I ended up in Belgium, considering all of the music that came from here – Front 242, Telex, and so on.”

“I wanted a vocalist who flirted with the darkness,” he explains, “someone who had a touch of an Ian Astbury or Andrew Eldritch about them, or even of Ian Curtis.”

Conflicting elements, for sure, but it really seems to work. Tune in now.

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