'Life' to get biopic treatment

Keith Richards has revealed that a film based on his autobiography is at the planning stages.

Keith Richards has led one hell of a life. The Rolling Stones may have been the original rock rebels, but Richards was the baddest one of all - the guitarist whose aura of cool was fuelled by an enormous heroin addiction.

Releasing his autobiography 'Life' last year, the results were typically entertaining. Keith Richards has toured the world, playing some of the largest and most important shows in the history of rock music.

Alongside this the guitarist has led a tumultuous private life. Using journalists to help him flesh out his memories, Keith Richards was forced to turn to Nick Kent in an attempt to find out what he got up to during the 70s.

Now it seems a film version of 'Life' is in the works. Keith Richards was named 'Writer Of The Year' at the GQ Awards in London last night (September 8th) and revealed that a big screen adaptation could be on the way.

Speaking at the podium, Keith Richards said: “There are feelers out at the minute (but) I’m in no rush right at the moment. Also, how are they going to find me? The idea of a succession of Keith Richards coming down is horrifying".

Keith Richards received his award from Johnny Depp, who would be amongst the favourite to play him on the silver screen - Deep famously based his character Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series on the guitarist.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stones tour rumours continue to circulate. It is the band's 50th anniversary next year, and fans have speculated that the group could be set to go back on the road.

As Rolling Stone reports, all four remaining members recently met up in London. However with Mick Jagger currently engaged in his SuperHeavy project an announcement is unlikely to be made any time soon.

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