Frontman to join judging panel...
Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson is set to join the judging panel of The Voice.

Ricky Wilson is one of British music's good guys. Onstage, in interview and in person the Kaiser Chiefs frontman is a real raconteur, able to spin yarns in a fashion few can match.

Which is perhaps why the creators of talent show The Voice have decided to rope in the singer. Ricky Wilson is set to join the judging panel, bringing his brand of northern wit to Saturday evenings.

The singer joins an all star panel, with recent arrival Kylie Minogue sitting alongside Tom Jones and

"Who doesn’t want to spend their Saturday night with Kylie Minogue?" the singer in a statement (via BBC). "I spent last winter yelling at The Voice, and both Sir Tom Jones and were total superstars. I’m just lucky the Kaiser Chiefs have rubber stamped my temporary loan!"

Ricky Wilson took part in regular Clash feature Swan Song last year - envisioning his final day on Earth, you can find it HERE.

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