'Junip' due on April 22nd

Junip are set to release their second - self-titled - album on April 22nd.

Junip are perhaps best known through an association with their most famous member - Swedish songwriter Jose Gonzalez represents one third of the band. However the group are more than the sum of their parts, having an identity which stands apart from the Scandinavian's blissful acoustic fare.

Bursting into life with 2005's 'Black Refuge' EP, Junip then went on hiatus for five years. Returning in 2010 with 'Fields' the band are now set to surprise fans with a quick-fire (by their standards!) return.

Completing work on a new album, the band will release the self-titled effort on April 22nd.

Here's a quick trailer.

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'Junip' is set to be released on April 22nd.


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